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Voyager Duo Ceiling Track Hoist From BHM Medical

BHM Medical mobility products

The Voyager Duo dual ceiling track hoist is the safe, effortless solution to lifting and transferring people challenged by reduced mobility. The Voyager Duo enables secure transfers from bed to wheelchair, to bathtub or to the toilet.

The exclusive feature of a dual lifting capacity (220lb/ 100kg or 440lb / 200kg) makes the Voyager Duo a flexible, cost effective transferring solution for homecare, group homes and adult day-care centers.


BHM Medical’s new safe and simplified home installation method at 220lb / 100kg allows for an easier track installation by reducing its complexity as well as the installation time. This new, cost effective engineer-approved installation method translates into a more economical installation by minimizing the work time in your home.

BHM Medical ceiling track system can be integrated into any home environment. A simple straight track designed provides basic point-to-point transfers.

The addition of a curved track allows the unit to conveniently be charged in and out-of-the-way location near the wall.

Other layouts such as "H" or "X-Y" styles provide entire single room coverage, or combined with additional tracks and accessories, can be used for home coverage.


Track accessories

Turntable ...

... allows the main track to intersect a secondary track. The Turntable requires no power connection of its own – the Voyager Duo power-sharing feature activates the Turntable.

Exchanger ...

... functions like a junction in the road. It allows the lift access from one care area to separate care areas – the Voyager Duo‘s powersharing feature activates the Exchanger.

We believe when patients feel safe, they feel better

At BHM Medical, we strive to have a positive impact on the quality of life for people with reduced mobility and their caregivers. We aim to reduce the strain and complexity of lifting / transferring through education and the use of our professional, ergonomically designed lifting technology.

New handset

The Voyager Duo’s new ergonomic handset offers comfortable handling and ease-to-use. An industry standard approved waterproof casing (IPX7), as well as Newly-Designed touch pad, ensure years of reliable use. The new stretch resistant cable, which will retract to its original length, makes the new handset extremely user friendly.

Loop system

BHM slings feature the universally recognized "loop" design to easily attach the sling to the spreader bar. For additional safety, BHM Medical, has incorporated security latches into the spreader bar to keep the loops securely in place.

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