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Pool Hoists - PAL Portable Aquatic Lift (ADA Compliant) - RMT Aquatics

The PAL Portable Aquatic Lift (ADA Compliant) from RMT Aquatics

  • The PAL is a completely portable pool lift, requiring no mounting to the pool deck.
  • It contains over seven hundred pounds of counter weight to support a lifting capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Its padded handle and ball bearing casters make the PAL easy to move, making it the perfect fit for facilities requiring accessibility to more than one water location, as well as for those who wish to store the unit away when it is not needed.
  • The chair can be rotated up to 240 degrees, at the push of a button. Other buttons raise and lower the chair into the water.
  • It is not necessary to sacrifice a swim lane to mount the unit, which can be conveniently stored when not in use.
  • The PAL features a mechanical actuator, which is the same reliable technology used on hospital beds all over the world. The actuator is powered by a rechargeable 24-volt battery; a consistent power source that insures that the PAL will work when you need it to work. Every time.
  • The unique design of the PAL allows it to be adaptable to virtually all swimming pool configurations. Its arms reach over the pool edge and can vary in length depending upon the amount of required clearance. The PAL works well with edgeless designs, as well as with pools with curbs, gutters and skimmers.
  • Either the user or attendant can operate the PAL with ease.
  • The unique design of the seat was specifically engineered for people with disabilities.
  • The seat is deep enough to provide stability and has no edge to facilitate transfers.
  • The controls on the waterproof hand pendant are easy to understand and operate.
  • Set-up consists of rolling the lift into place along the edge of the pool and locking the wheels.
  • Pricing includes a footrest.
  • Battery is included.

The PAL Portable Aquatic Lift is Available in the Following Models:

  • PAL 1000 – Standard portable aquatic lift is the perfect lift solution for facilities wishing to service more than one pool.
  • Pal Hi / Lo – A variation of the PAL designed for in facilities that have both in-ground pools and above ground spas.
  • PAL Spa – Designed for above ground pools and for above ground spas up to 52” above the deck.

Please note: due to the shipping weight of this product, there is a delivery charge of £150. In the South-East this includes set up and demonstration on the same day. Additional charges may be levied in other areas. If a second visit is required to demonstrate after delivery further charges will be made.

Only £5,714.00 - Call 0800 085 4143.

Additional Accessories Available for the PAL Portable Aquatic Lift Pool Hoist

Stability Vest

PAL Portable pool hoist stability vest

The Stability Vest was designed to facilitate the transfer of individuals with limited or no independent upper body or trunk stability. The vest attaches the user to the chair, strapping them in for support.

Detachable Armrests

PAL Portable pool hoist showing detachable arm rests 

Detachable powder coated stainless steel armrests are available for increased sense of security.

Seat Pad

PAL Portable pool hoist seat pad 

Waterproof seat pad designed to enhance comfort and minimize potential skin damage that could occur during transfer is available as an optional accessory.

PAL All Weather Cover

PAL Portable pool hoist all weather cover 

Protect your investment with a full, all-weather cover. Custom fitted for the PAL-Portable Aquatic Lift. The cover is made from rugged blue nylon cordura.

Spine Board Attachment

PAL Portable pool hoist spine board attachment 

The Spine Board Attachment works with any standard spine board (not included). Simply remove the chair assembly by pulling the attachment pin and replace that assembly with the Spine Board Attachment. One person can easily extract an injured swimmer from a pool, keeping the injured person fully supine during the procedure.

Where to Go From Here

For more information or to ask any questions about the PAL Portable Aquatic Lift (ADA Compliant), please call 0800 085 4143.


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