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Internet-only special offer available for MediTek 160 stairlift for straight stairs

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Introducing Rise Recliners and Electric Lift Chairs

Electric Lift and Riser Recline Chairs from Sherborne Upholstery

Rise recliner chair mobility aids from Sherborne Upholstery

We are suppliers of many types of recliner from Sherborne Upholstery. Electric lift and rise recliners are available in many styles and sizes, and are designed to provide long periods of comfort and support, and assistance in getting out again. With a wonderful choice in both dual motor and single motor designs and a tremendous range of sizes, there should be a care recliner to suit everyone. Go straight to the gallery below

  • At the touch of a button you can ease yourself slowly into any reclined position.
  • Then when you are ready, the Recliner can be returned to the upright position and will then slowly lift you up and tilt you forward until it becomes the easiest thing imaginable to get out again.
  • You have the power to stop and start at any point you wish, control is smooth, safe and simple.

These Recliners are ideal for sufferers of arthritis, rheumatism, M.S. / multiple sclerosis, poor circulation and many other mobility restrictions.

For more information and prices please call us on 0800 085 4143.

Rise recliner chair from Sherborne Upholstery in lift up position

  • Riser recliner lift and rise chairs are exempt from VAT if the user is chronically sick or disabled.
  • A delivery and demonstration charge of £50 is applicable to all chairs.
  • Our basic model starts at £800. Please call 0800 085 4143 for free no obligation advice.

About Sherborne Upholstery

Sherborne Upholstery riser recliner chairs logo

The Sherborne name is widely known and respected, and has grown into one of the most successful companies in the upholstery trade. With over 70 years experience in the furniture trade, their product range includes traditional wing chairs, settees and drop-end sofas to the ultimate in relaxing, luxurious electric reclining chairs and settees and matching suites.

For a Closer Look at Just a Few Samples Available from the Remarkable Range of Rise Recliner Chairs from Sherborne, Why Not Check Out the Gallery Below?

Click the image you want to view, then move your mouse to the left or right of the displayed image to move back or forward through the gallery. Click the Close button to return to this page.

Sherborne riser recline chair gallery image 1 of 8 Sherborne riser recline chair gallery image 2 of 8 Sherborne riser recline chair gallery image 3 of 8 Sherborne riser recline chair gallery image 4 of 8 Sherborne riser recline chair gallery image 5 of 8 Sherborne riser recline chair gallery image 6 of 8 Sherborne riser recline chair gallery image 7 of 8 Sherborne riser recline chair gallery image 8 of 8

Where to Go From Here

Please call freephone 0800 085 4143 to request more information about the full range of rise recliner chairs available, ask questions, and to receive free, no obligation advice.


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Tel: 01394 277100
Mobile: 07921 503 244
Email: Contact
25 Estuary Drive,
Suffolk. IP11 9TL.

Company Details

Company number: registered in England Number: 5296200.
VAT number: 849392970.
Prices exclude VAT.


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