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MediTek 160 Straight Stairlift

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For a Smooth Ride Up and Down Your Stairs, the Sit Down Stair Lift is Your Solution

MediTek stairlift for straight stairs

  • The cushioned seat, back and armrests as well as the footrest give you the best comfort while your glide along your staircase.
  • Your stair lift will be built and installed to fit your specifications.
  • You will have peace of mind knowing that there are no external moving parts and a failsafe braking system to ensure that an uncontrolled descent cannot occur. The sensors that are part of the Total Surface Protection (TSP) will bring the stair lift to a stop when an obstruction is sensed in its path.
  • The standard sit down stair lift model is now built with a maximum lifting capacity of 160kg (25 stone). 
  • As the MediTek 160 is powered by a DC electric motor and the drive is achieved via a rack and pinion system, the stairlift is extremely quiet during operation.

Toggle or Remote Control Operation

  • Control of your MediTek stairlift can be achieved either by use of a simple, user-friendly joystick located in the arm of your choice, or
  • Alternatively the stairlift can be controlled remotely by means of an infra-red hand-held transmitter that requires no unsightly control boxes or cables.
  • The MediTek stairlift contains electronic circuits to control the ride, this means that there is no jolting or lurching of the stairlift as it starts or ends its travel. This ensures a smooth ride throughout, adding to the feeling of safety and stability.

Stairlifts with Swivel Seat

  • The MediTek 160 stairlift has a swivel seat, this locks in three positions, forward for normal travel and either 45 or 85 degrees to make mounting and dismounting from the stairlift easy and safe.
  • The stairlift will not operate unless the seat is in the forward position this ensures your safety.
  • A power assisted swivel seat is available as an option.
  • The seat base, footrest and arm rests of the MediTek 160 fold up to ensure that the stairlift is compact when not in use, ensuring minimum intrusion in to the staircase.

Touch Sensitive Safety Covers

  • As standard the MediTek 160 comes complete with touch sensitive safety covers which are designed to prevent trapping hazards.
  • Should the stairlift make contact with any obstruction on the stairwell, in either direction, movement of the covers will result in the immediate suspension of travel in that direction. The stairlift will still travel in the opposite direction to allow the obstruction to be removed.

Electronic and Mechanical Braking Systems

  • The MediTek 160 is fitted as standard with electronic and mechanical fail-safe braking systems to ensure that an uncontrolled decent of the stairlift can not occur.

Unique ICCC Charging System

  • The MediTek 160 includes as standard its own unique ICCC charging system; this is an exclusive feature of the MediTek range of stairlifts.
  • Unlike other battery operated stairlifts, the MediTek 160 will remain on charge regardless of the park position, this means that if you want to leave the stairlift anywhere on the rail this does not present a problem, it also ensures that your stairlift is always charged and ready for use.
  • It will not charge when left on the Powered Hinge section of rail.

Visual Diagnostic Display

  • The MediTek 160 has a digital diagnostic display mounted on the upper face of the unit. In the unlikely event of a fault occurring a simple telephone call to you stairlift provider can determine if an engineer call-out is necessary.
  • Below to the visual diagnostic display is a rocker switch, this can be used to isolate the power supply to the lift, yet it will still allow the stairlift to accept charge.

Range of Optional Equipment Available

A large range of optional equipment is available to the MediTek 160 stairlift, including:

  • Platforms.
  • Powered hinge mechanisms.
  • Seat-foot rest linkages.
  • Powered swivel seats.
  • Etc.

Different seat widths / upholstery / harnessing / control options are also available.

Discover More About the Range of Features Within Mobility Stairlifts from MediTek. Check Out the Video Below

Where to Go From Here

For more information or to answer any questions you may have, please call freephone 0800 085 4143 for free no obligation advice.


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