Handi-Move Ceiling Mounted Pool And Spa Hoist

An operator lowers female customer sitting in a sling into aquatic pool with handi-move ceiling mounted pool and spa mobility hoist.
Image credit: courtesy of Handi-Move and DolphinLifts.co.uk.

With the ceiling mounted pool and spa hoist mobility lift, in a single, comprehensive, flexible solution, Handi-Move International have solved several challenges and helped user overcome a variety of hurdles. Our users can therefore enjoy greater freedom, personal empowerment, in safer, more secure ways.

Four Key Areas Where the Handi-Move Fixed Ceiling Mounted Pool Lift Can Really Help

The Handi-Move fixed ceiling mounted pool and spa mobility lift / hoist offers a particularly ideal choice:

  • For an indoor swimming pool.
  • An indoor swimming pool with limited or irregular deck space or around pool or spa floor space.
  • If you need to make multiple user transfers to and from pool and pool side or spa.
  • To provide transport to and from the pool from nearby rooms.

Handi-Move Swimming Pool and Spa Ceiling Hoist Video

How Detailed Research, Science, Engineering, Thoughtful Consideration and Care Come Together To Create Wonderful Features and Benefits

  • The Handi-Move ceiling mounted lifting hoist system can be set to self-hoist and self-transfer when using the body support. Providing greater independence more safely. 
  • We use remarkable, innovative ceiling fixings and suspension brackets to provide secure anchoring to match different types of ceiling construction.
  • Getting the right sling that has a good fit can make transport to and from the pool or spa a joy. That's why a range of soft but sturdy body support slings and tapes is available to match a range of customer needs.
  • Moreover, membrane panels are available to further help protect the electronic components used in the motor transport systems, hand controls, in wetrooms, swimming pools, and spa environments.
  • Once set up, it's ready to use any time.
  • Engineered for busy, intensive use
  • Offers a near perfect answer for swimming pools or spa pools that have narrow decks or low levels of spare poolside floor space.
  • Offers a great solution for large groups of wheelchair users.
  • The Handi-Move fixed ceiling mounted hoist provides a larger lifting range than is available with the mobile pool lift.
  • You can use it to support hydrotherapy needs too.
  • No matter what levels of ability each user has, the varying needs of different users can be met.
  • Handi-Move hoists can use both the body support system and the various mobility slings.
  • For swimming pools, an electrolytically polished stainless steel body support finish is available.
  • A simply wonderful spa lift and mobility hoist remedy to help overcome multiple challenges.

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