Introducing MediTek Straight Stairlifts

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Discover More About MediTek Stairlift Solutions and Accessories for Straight Stairs

MediTek provide an admirable range of beneficial features and accessories designed to enhance your stairlift experience, increase mobility, overcome a range of mobility challenges and help increase accessibility for stairs that follow a straight path.

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MediTek Stairlift Comparison Table. Features At A Glance: E120 Essential, D160 Deluxe, DSP100 Stand and Perch, and MediTek Outdoor Stairlift 

  • Blue ticks = standard features.
  • Gold ticks = optional extra features.


More Information About The MediTek Stairlift Features

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Folding Hinge Track for MediTek Stairlift for straight stairs

Folding Hinge Track - MediTek Stairlift Features and Benefits

If the end of the stair lift track obstructs a doorway or passageway, a folding (hinged) section of the track may be supplied as an option.

  • For your added safety, no moving parts are exposed.
  • The manual hinge track is a counterbalanced foldable section of the track that can be positioned by hand.
  • The automatic, electrically-powered folding hinge track folds up automatically as your ascend the stairs and then automatically folds down into the operational position as you descend the stairs.
Seat Swivel MediTek stairlift for straight stairs

Seat Swivel - MediTek Stairlift Features and Benefits

The manual seat swivel is standard in all MediTek stair lifts. Also:

  • At the flick of a lever, the chair can be manoeuvred to the 45° or 85° position and back again for safe and easy access on and off the stair lift.
  • For your safety, the stair lift will not operate unless it is parked in the forward position.
  • The powered seat swivel operates at the touch of a button to move into the parked or swivelled position at either end of the staircase.
Bridging Platform MediTek stairlift for straight stairs

Bridging Platform - MediTek Stairlift Features and Benefits

Where there are just a few steps in a short bend (or 'fan') at the head of the stairway, there is the option of fitting a Bridging Platform. Read more:

  • A manual or electronic Bridging Platform can be installed where there are only a few steps in the bend to negotiate.
  • The manual bridging platform is counterbalanced and can be positioned manually in the extended (down) or parked (up) position.
  • The automatic powered bridging platform provides ultimate ease of use. The platform folds away automatically as you descend the stairs and then moves into the operational position as you ascend the stairs. The automatic platform is integrated with your stair lift’s Visual Diagnostic Display and battery power indicator.
Seat Footrest Linkage MediTek stairlift for straight stairs

Seat Footrest Linkage - MediTek Stairlift Features and Benefits

  • For those who find bending down to lift the footrest difficult or challenging, the footrest can be linked so that it can be lifted with the seat with ease and comfort.

Stand and Perch - MediTek Stairlift Features and Benefits

If bending at the hips presents a problem, the Stand and Perch Stair Lift is the perfect answer to maintaining a more mobile lifestyle.

Stand and Perch MediTek stairlift for straight stairs
  • Just step onto the stair lift, lean against the padded back, and glide up and down your staircase.
  • The fully height adjustable seating arrangement accommodates either a standing or perching position – whichever you prefer.
  • The maximum lifting capacity of the stand and perch stair lift is 220 lbs.

The MediTek Stairlifts Brochure

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