BluOne Portable Pool Lift

Angle photo of BluOne Portable Pool Lift mobility aid shown parked near watter edge of swimming pool
BluOne Portable Pool Lift mobility aid. Image credit courtesy of Digi Project.

The BluOne Portable mobility Pool Lift is designed to help safely transfer both people with disabilities and anyone who may just need a little extra help getting into, and out of, a swimming pool.

In addition, the BluOne Portable Pool Lift is helpful for:

  • People who may be recovering from an injury or illness, or ...
  • Anyone who is elderly and struggling to get around, or ...
  • Anyone who would simply welcome a helping hand at the pool side.

So with the help of a BluOne portable pool lift, there is no need to use the poolside steps or struggle to pull up from the pool side edge.

With the easy to use BluOne portable pool lift, in a safe, simple, smooth way, you can do two things:

  1. Transport people from dressing rooms or pool side.
  2. Move people into, and out of, the pool.

Discover More With the BluOne Pool Lift and Hoist Videos

 How to Use the BluOne Portable Pool Lift

The BluOne portable pool lift provides for a simple, safe, elegant way to transfer users to and from the pool. For example:

To go into the pool:

  1. Your user is seated on to the seat at the front of the BluOne portable pool lift.
  2. The operator pushes the BluOne portable pool lift to the poolside edge.
  3. The operator sets the BluOne portable pool lift brake into the locked position.
  4. The operator then presses the Down button to lower the swimmer into the pool.

 To come out of the pool:

  1. The operator moves the BluOne portable pool lift is moved into position at the pool side edge.
  2. The operator sets the brake to the locked position.
  3. The operator lowers the BluOne portable pool lift seat to the desired depth to allow the user to comfortably sit on the sit near the waterline.
  4. The user then sits on the seat.
  5. When the user is ready, the operator presses the Up button to raise the swimmer out of the pool.
  6. The operator then positions the user to allow safe and easy transport to where the user requires.

How The BlueOne Portable Pool Lift From Dolphin Stairlifts Demonstrates A Safety-First Approach In 6 Different Ways 

The BluOne comes equipped with 6 safety aids:

  • A seat belt is provided as standard.
  • A key starter and an Emergency Stop mushroom button shown in red.
  • The sensory handbrake system. The Up and Down controls won't operate if the handbrake is set to the on position.
  • Once the transport arm starts to lower, the two rubber capped stainless steel armrest supports provide additional stability help for the user
  • If electrical power supply ever fails, the lift has a built in manually operated pump.
  • Installed between the front and rear wheels, rubber stoppers prevent the lift from being pushed into the water.

Technical Specifications

In detail:

  • Colours options: standard colour is white. Also available in blue.
  • Seat belt: included.
  • Lifting capacity: 110kg.
  • Maximum arm travel: 1150mm.
  • Time of down-lifting with weight: 23 seconds.
  • Time of up-lifting with weight: 17 seconsds.
  • Total weight: 120kg.
  • Frame construction: electro-galvanized steel FE510.
  • 180° powder coating finish.
  • Power: 24 volt battery.
  • Battery life: approximatley 40 cycles.
  • Voltage: 24V.
  • Electric box.
  • Cable winder for battery charger.
  • Regulations and standards: is CE approved and is equipped with an owner’s and maintenance manual in accordance with the Device Directive 89/392 and subsequent amendments.

Who Are The Manufacturers: DiGi Project?

DiGi Project company are a well known and respected international provider in researching, designing, and manufacturing simple to use, industry standard products that help users get into and out of swimming pools and spa pools. 

Based in Rome, Italy, skilled engineers and designers, along with a likeness for constant research and creating positive innovations, have helped DiGi Project to become promient members of the pool access field.

Brochure for BluOne Portable Pool Lift Mobility Aid

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