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ULTIMATE Lift Bottom of Stairs Parked on Wrap Start Rail

Platinum Curve Stairlifts supplied and installed in Suffolk, Norfolk and North Essex

At Dolphin Stairlifts (East Anglia) Ltd we provide practical solutions for mobility within the home and this includes stairlift installations for curved stairs and stairs with corners. We have over 25 years of experience and are able to offer a huge range of options, tailored to your needs and budget. This includes the fantastic Platinum Curve stairlifts that are available for next day installation.

Platinum Curved Lifts

Platinum Stairlifts is a company that has been manufacturing stairlifts since 1996. They have an excellent reputation in the UK and internationally and are known for great products, available at realistic prices.

At Dolphin Stairlifts (East Anglia) Ltd, we are proud to offer a range of Platinum Curved Lifts. Check out some of the stairlifts we have available or contact us to find out more today.

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Platinum curved lifts
Stair Lift

Platinum curved stairlifts provide an excellent solution when it comes to stairs. Contact Dolphin Stairlifts (East Anglia) Ltd in Felixstowe for information.

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