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Home lift

Suppliers of home lift solutions in Felixstowe and across Suffolk, Norfolk and North Essex

Considering investing in a domestic lift or 'home lift' to help access different floors in your home?


Contact the friendly team of experts at Dolphin Stairlifts (East Anglia) Ltd to see how we can help. We offer a range of home lift solutions and have worked with our local community for over 25 years. Call now and ask for a free quote or more information.

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Lift solutions for two-storey homes that work for you and for your family.

Home lifts are an adaptable solution for getting wheelchair access between the floors of your home and they are suitable for wheelchair access and use between floors.

They are sometimes known as through-floor lifts, domestic lifts or house lifts and we know that whatever you call them, finding the right lift for you, your home and your family is a must! At Dolphin Stairlifts (East Anglia) Ltd, we provide home lifts from two fabulous providers: Wessex and Terry.


Both brands provide access solutions for your home and we work with you to establish which lift would be most suitable for you and your needs.

We never hard-sell and we are proud that our customers rely on us for honest, informative and transparent advice.


Find out more below or get in touch to talk to us today.

Home lift

Wessex home Lifts

Wessex through-floor home lifts are designed for safety, flexibility and independence. The advanced design of the Wessex home lift includes multiple, carefully considered and valued benefits to users and helps to provide greater independence and quality of life.

Find out more about the Wessex home lifts available from Dolphin Stairlifts (East Anglia) or browse our other Wessex products.

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Wessex home Lifts

Terry home Lifts

Terry home lifts boast a range of features that include a tip down seat so it can be used with or without a wheelchair and they are available in a range of styles and designs. 

At Dolphin Stairlifts (East Anglia) Ltd we believe that having a home lift installed really could change your life and we love to see the difference these lifts make to our customers day-to-day lives.


Find out more by getting in touch or take a look at our other Terry branded lifts, like our step lifts.

Terry home Lifts
Stair Lift

Find out more about our range of home lifts by getting in touch with Dolphin Stairlifts (East Anglia) Ltd in Felixstowe

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