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Stannah Sadler 260 Curved Stairlift
  • Stannah Sadler 260 Curved Stairlift

    The Stannah Sadler 260 Curved Stairlift provides some important key benefits compared to some of the other Stannah models available. It is especially helpful to people with limited flexibility and can help maintain an upright posture during use. The seat takes most of the weight support which means it is easier on the legs and it has a slim design that makes it a great solution for homes with a narrow staircase. Features of the Stannah Sadler Curved Stairlift include:


    The Specialist Sadler Seat: Your stairlift seat is surely the heart of a stairlift! So, careful, considered design can make a big difference. The Sadler seat helps you keep a more upright posture as you travel up and down your stairs, while also minimising the weight your legs need to support. In addition, the clever assisted lift feature means getting on or off your stairlift is even easier.


    Easy To Use Controls: The simple to operate, easy-to-use controls are a huge benefit, especially for those of us who may have limited dexterity. If you suffer from various kinds of stiffness or pain in your hands, stairlift controls that work with just the lightest of touches with hand, arm, or wrist, can surely make a big difference to your day.


    Stairlift Arms Are Linked to the Footrest: That means, when you're not using your stairlift, as you fold up the arms, the footrest automatically folds up too. So, no need to bend down to move the footrest, an especially good feature to have when your stairlift is at the top your stairs.


    Seatbelt Ease and Added Safety: Your Stannah Sadler stairlift seatbelt provides at least two important benefits. It is easy-to-use to fasten and unfasten with one hand is especially helpful for anyone who suffers from arthritis, painful inflammation, stiffness of the joints, or other hand mobility challenges. Security and safety while travelling up and down stairs is crucial. So, the Stannah Sadler stairlift won't operate with the arm controls until the seatbelt is fastened.


    Additional Protection While Travelling Up and Down Stairs: Sometimes, items may get left or dropped on stairs in the path of your stairlift. As you travel up and down stairs, the Stannah Sadler sensors are constantly checking and scanning the stairs path area. If an object obstructs the path, the sensors situated on the edge of the carriage and footrest ensure the stairlift is brought to a safe stop.


    Handy Wall Controls: The Stannah Sadler wall controls bring your stair lift chair to you, whether you're upstairs or downstairs. You can have a wall control at the bottom of the stairs and another at the top of your stairs.


    Variety of Styles, Colours and Finishes: The Stannah Sadler 260 Curved Stairlift is available with Woven Stone upholstery in pearl, nut brown, jet black, window grey, beige and ochre brown. Curved rails are available in a range of colours, and we offer rail starts in inclined positions, droop positions, hinged positions and run-off positions.


    Weight limit 21 stone/ 135kg


    Stannah Stairlifts Limited has been accredited to ISO 9001:2008 since 2009. When you choose the Stannah Starla 260 Curved Stairlift from Dolphin Stairlifts (East Anglia) Ltd, you know you are getting an exceptional quality product, combined with excellent customer services and aftercare.

    • Stannah Sadler 260 Curved Stairlift

      The minimum staircase width for the Stannah Sadler 260 Curved Stairlift is 650mm (depending on the user) and the weight limit is 135kg (21 stone). For more information about the Stannah Sadler 260 Stairlift for curved stairs, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the team at Dolphin Stairlifts (East Anglia) Ltd in Felixstowe. We are able to provide delivery and installations throughout Felixstowe, Norfolk, Suffolk, Bury St Edmunds, Stowmarket, Ipswich, Norwich, DIss, Great Yarmouth and Essex.

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