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Wessex LR Low Rise Step Lifts
  • Wessex LR Low Rise Step Lifts

    Today's Wessex Lifts lifting platform designs benefit from over 30 years of professional innovation and experience. These qualities and traditions are embedded in every lift manufactured by Wessex, particularly the Wessex LR Low Rise Step Lifts.


    The Wessex Lifts Low Rise Lifting LR range offer a near perfect solution to give easy access to homes, buildings and public premises where a change in level excludes folks who are less able to move around. Features include:


    Robust Finish Built To Last: Your Wessex Lifts LR series lifting platform is hardwearing, reliable, and includes a 5-year anti-corrosion warranty.


    Simplified Installation, Easy To Use Controls: Required building work is minimal. Your Wessex Lifts LR lifting platform installs easily, and is a joy to use with simply rocker switch controls.


    Attractive Look And Feel, Yet Durable In Use: Wessex LR Low Rise Step Lifts include a pleasing Bleu Sable durable powder coating that helps ensure remarkable outside durability and retention of colour.


    LR Lifting Platform Step Lift Flexibility: The Wessex Lifts LR lifting platforms are especially cost effective, adaptable, flexible. If we add a smart bridging device, your Wessex Lifts lifting platform can be converted to a step lift, allowing easy access for wheelchair users up to 4 steps (1 metre) high, providing a dual usage in a single lifting solution.


    Specialist Design Options:

    A key switch to isolate the lift when not in use.

    Interlocked gate at the upper level.

    Travelling safety barrier.

    Bridging units.

    Power operated gates.

    Special colour and floor finishes.

    Side infill panels: can be made of glass or perspex.

    High specification controls.

    Voice *annunciator and platform level indication.


    When you choose a Wessex LR Low Rise Step Lift from Dolphin Stairlifts (East Anglia) Ltd, you can feel comfortable knowiing that it will be installed by one of our Wessex-trained engineers and includes a fully informative user guide with a demonstration and aftercare from our trusted team.

    • Wessex LR Low Rise Step Lifts

      For more information about Wessex LR Low Rise Step Lifts, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the team at Dolphin Stairlifts (East Anglia) Ltd in Felixstowe. We are able to provide step lift delivery and installations throughout Felixstowe, Norfolk, Suffolk, Bury St Edmunds, Stowmarket, Ipswich, Norwich, DIss, Great Yarmouth and Essex.

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