Stannah Siena Stairlift for Curved Stairs

Stannah Siena stairlift with Ivory coloured upholstery, parked at bottom of stairs.
Stannah Siena stairlift With Ivory Coloured Seat Upholstery. Image credit courtesy of Stannah.
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If A Stannah Stairlift Could Make Your Life Easier, Why wait? Make A Step Change Today. 

Yes you can have a better quality of life when you have the energy to do the things you want: enjoy visits from your children, grandchildren, or entertain your friends as they stop by, and relax better in your home. That's why, as soon as your Siena stairlift is installed, you can enjoy more of the things you love doing.

A Stairlift That's Right For You And Your Home Doesn't Happen By Chance

Imagine how a Stannah Siena stairlift for curved stairs can make your life at home so much easier. Of course, each home is unique, different types, shapes and sizes. That's why, having the right stairlift can make such a difference to your quality of life.

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With a Stannah Siena in your home, you can benefit in so many ways. For example:

  • Our stairlifts can accommodate curved staircases of different sizes and layouts.
  • We can install our rails on either side of the staircase.
  • Our slimline rails and fold-away chairs make the best use of available space, leaving enough room for others to use the staircase.
  • All our rails are tailor-made, so they fit your staircase perfectly.
  • Contrary to popular belief our rails are fitted to the staircase and not the wall – ensuring minimal mess and bother.
  • Installation is quick and easy.
  • Our stairlifts can navigate all kinds of corners and landings with a range of rail solutions.
Stannah Siena stairlift for curved and angled staircases

The Stannah Siena / 260 for Curved Stairs At A Glance

Your Siena stairlift:

  • Combines fresh, contemporary styling with the best in stairlift engineering.
  • Displays gentle contours that are simple, styled to blend into homes like hand and glove.
  • Is carefully designed and engineered for safety, comfort, and performance.
  • Comes in five classic colour options.
  • Make a smart and practical addition to any home.
  • Rail can be mounted to suit your home and personal preference, either on the bannister side (inside rail) or the wall side (outside rail).
  • Also comes with a custom-made dual rail that will hug the contours of your stairs precisely and folds away neatly, so you can continue to use the stairs as usual if and when you want to.
  • Standard arm width is 496mm (19.5" inches).
  • Narrow arm width is 425mm (16.7" inches).

Introducing The Stannah Siena / 260 Stairlift

The new Siena stairlift has an elegant mix of fresh, simple contours, contemporary styling, and the best in intelligent stairlift engineering. Your Siena comes in five classic colour options providing a smart, practical addition to your home.

You can opt for a slimline rail to make the best use of space. To neatly fold away your chair, just fold the arms, then the seat - the linked footrest then also folds away too, allowing you, or your family, or your guests, to use the stairs without the chair obstructing anyone's path.

Stannah Siena stair lift for curved stairs. Seat, arm rests, and foot rest can be folded away.

Key features and Benefits of Siena for Curved Stairs

Footrest Fold

To store the stairlift away, you can fold away the arms and seat and use the lever to raise the footrest. There’s no awkward bending down, which is particularly useful at the top of the stairs. Or for the ultimate ease-of-use opt for our powered footrest button.

Swivel Seat

Using the levers enables you to swivel the seat easily, making it simpler to get off the chair. Alternatively, you can choose to have a powered swivel seat, which turns the chair to face the landing automatically.

Seatbelt Options

Choose a seatbelt to suit your style and buckle up for added security (retractable seatbelt optional extra).

Safety Edges

In the event that something obstructs the stairlift, sensors on the edge of the carriage and footrest will automatically bring the stairlift to a safe stop.

Easy-To-Use Controls

Stannah stair lift rudder control side view
Effortlessly ride the Siena using our simple, intuitive controls that have been designed for those with less dexterity. They work with the lightest of touches, and can be operated using your hand, arm or wrist. Also, check out the new rudder control as shown in the picture on the right side of this page.

Wall Controls Convenience

Ideal for when you need to summon your stairlift from another floor, or perhaps send it up or down to someone else who wants to use it.


  • Smart, careful design can surprise you in a variety of ways. For example, do you have narrow stairs? Are you short on space? Then no problem: slimline stairlift rails and fold-away chairs can help make the best use of available space, and still leave enough room for others to use the staircase.
  • To help ensure even better safety for stair lift users, and to minimise mess, we'll install your stairlift rails to your staircase, not the wall.
  • Installation of your Siena is quick and easy.

Around the World, Stannah Have Already Supplied Over 500,000 Stairlifts

Stannah Is A British, Family-Run Company For Five Generations

Stannah is a company you can trust. The current managing directors are the great, great, grandchildren of Joseph Stannah, who started the company in the 1860s. His engineering principles and strong family values run as true today as they always have.

Over 140 years later, Stannah have manufactured more than 500,000 stairlifts and installed mobility products in over 40 countries. The half-million milestone was commemorated with a visit from HRH The Prince of Wales – a proud day for all those who work at Stannah.

Moreover, Stannah Stairlifts Limited has been accredited to ISO 9001:2008 since 2009.

Using your Siena Stairlift Is Easy

The simple-to-use Siena stairlift has been designed to make your life easier and helps you to rediscover your independence. The following step-by-step guide demonstrates some key features of the Stannah Siena stair lift for curved stairs.

  1. The wall-mounted controls at the top and bottom of the stairs make it easy to call the stairlift whether you are upstairs or down.
    Stannah Siena stair lift for curved stairs. How to use, Step 1, Handy convenient controls
  2. Simply unfold the seat and the arms. The seat-to-footrest link will automatically lower the footrest down too.
    Stannah Siena stair lift for curved stairs. How to use, Step 2, easy fold-up seat, armrests, and footrest
  3. Once unfolded, make yourself comfortable in the seat. Fasten your seatbelt for extra security.
    Stannah Siena stair lift for curved stairs. How to use, Step 3, safe, secure seatbelt
  4. Gently apply pressure to the control in the direction you wish to travel and your Siena will glide smoothly up or down the curve of your stairs.
    Stannah Siena stair lift for curved stairs. How to use, Step 4, travels on the stairs smoothly
  5. When at the top of the stairs, the footrest will stop level with your landing. You can then swivel the chair to face the landing to alight safely.
    Stannah Siena stair lift for curved stairs. How to use, Step 5, swivel the seat safely
  6. For added safety, the Siena can remain in the swivelled position to form a barrier at the top of the stairs.
    Stannah Siena stair lift for curved stairs. How to use. Step 6, seat can stay in position
  7. When not in use, your Siena folds neatly against the wall, giving you and other users of your home plenty of space.
    Stannah Siena stair lift for curved stairs. How to use, Step 7, chair, arm rests and foot rests fold away neatly

How You Can Tailor Your Siena Just For You

The Standard Package

  • Twin-rail Pearl colour.
  • Seatbelt.
  • Manual swivel seat.
  • Light-touch control, left hand or right hand.
  • Footrest with manual lever.

In addition to the standard package, you can choose from a range of other optional extras that will ensure your Siena is just right for you. Our sales consultant will guide you through the various options available to you.

Upholstery Colours And Optional Extras

Vinyl Upholstery Colour Options

  • Walnut.
  • Ivory.
  • Pine.
  • Cranberry.
  • Midnight.

Curved Twin-Rail Colour Choices

  • Pearl (standard).
  • Nut (Brown).
  • Jet Black.
  • Window (Grey).
  • Beige.
  • Ochre Brown.

Rail start

  • Inclined.
  • Droop.
  • Hinged.
  • Run-Off.

Rail Finish

  • Overrun.
  • Inclined.

Chair Swivel Options

  • Powered.
  • Manual swivel seat.

Stairlift Control Buttons

Stannah Siena stair lift for curved stairs, inside bend.
  • Light-touch action.
  • For left hand control, or …
  • Right hand control.

Seatbelt Features, Benefits, and Options:

  • Powered seatbelt.
  • Retractable seatbelt.
  • Diagonal lap harness.
  • Five-point harness (for even extra safety).

Seat Folding

  • Powered footrest button.
  • Footrest with manual lever.

Chair Sizes, Weights, Dimensions

  • Minimum width of unfolded stairlift: 679 mm / 26.7" inches.
  • Minimum width of folded stairlift: 405mm / 16" inches.
  • Maximum weight range: 120kg - 135kg / 19 - 21 stone.
  • Standard seat width: 496mm / 19.5" inches.
  • Narrow seat width: 425mm / 16.7" inches.

Brochure for the Stannah Siena Stairlift for Curved Stairs

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